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Wg Cdr Andrew Keith – Chairman & OCRAFAT

 Wing Commander ‘Boomer’ Keith was commissioned into the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1994. Graduating as a Fast Jet (FJ) pilot he was posted to the fighter lead-in squadron and flew the Aermacchi MB339.

After successful completion of this training he was posted to the front line conversion unit based in Nowra, Australia to convert onto the A4K Skyhawk. After type conversion he remained in Australia for a further six months and participated in a bilateral training programme providing maritime strike assets for the Australian Navy. Keith then returned to the front line Skyhawk squadron based in NZ conducting annual exercises in South East Asia participating in bi-lateral training with Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Following the demise of the RNZAF air combat force, Keith transferred to the Royal Air Force in December 2001.

He was posted to the Harrier OCU at RAF Wittering. Following conversion he completed a front line tour with IV(AC) Sqn at RAF Cottesmore. During this tour he was involved with a variety of UK, Europe and US based exercises.

He completed two embarked detachments aboard HMS Invincible. He has also completed three flying tours on Op HERRICK, Afghanistan.

In September 2006 Keith was selected to join the RAF Aerobatic Team and flew with the team for the 2007-2009 seasons. In his final year he also took up the position of Squadron Executive Officer.

Keith was promoted to Squadron Leader in December 2010 and was posted to the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning staff at Northwood HQ to take up the position of SO2 Fast Jet.

During this tour he was involved in coordination and execution of large joint multi-national tier 2+ exercises.

Keith was promoted to Wing Commander in 2016 and selected to attend Advanced Command and Staff College at the JSCSC Shrivenham in 2016.

He was posted in September 2017 to his current position as the Officer Commanding of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – The Red Arrows.


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